Arcade Features

Arcade Systems probably the oldest gaming machines that there is that are still being used to-date. You can still use them if you visit an arcade, although they are not as common as they used to be because of the future gaming platforms and modern gaming technology. 3D Graphics were introduced onto the arcades first and are known for being the pinnacle to the success of the gaming platforms we know today. Arcade machines had constant upgrades because of the advancement in games. The games were getting more graphical meaning that the old hardware could not hold up and new hardware had to be created, this is why the Arcades are one of the biggest gaming leaps to modern day. Some of the biggest games on the arcades are Super Mario Bros, Tron, Donkey Kong, PacMan etc.

Arcade Features:

Coin operation – The player has to put in some form of currency to start the game level
Buttons & joystick controls – These are the controls that were used for playing the games on the arcade, not many controllers
Standard screen with basic graphics – Limited graphics because they had limited hardware and sofware capabilities
Limited hardware and software capabilities
Co-op Support – Could play with one or more players as long as they are using the same arcade (not online)
One machine = One game – Only one game per machine (expensive)
Range of different games from shooters to dancing – Large range of games that could be played on the arcades
Advancements have been made since the 1960’s – There are now arcades with higher end graphics for games such as Time Crisis but they are still limited compared to the consoles



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