Arcade Limitations

  • No online support or Multiplayer – You can not play online with the arcades
  • Very large & hardware Dependant – They are not very portable so you cannot move it around as well as you could with modern consoles
  • Older hardware than whats used today – The arcade hardware is still old compared to the other consoles because there is not a big market anymore for hardware in arcades
  • Can crash a lot of the time – Can be unreliable because they still use old hardware
  • Rarely used anymore besides dedicated arcades – Not many arcade machines in homes anymore, mainly found in dedicated arcades
  • Not many games are created for them anymore unless they’re arcade based
  • Can’t save games
  • Basic Graphics (Low quality) – Due to the old hardware they cannot keep up with modern graphics that is being used by other consoles
  • Game cannot be changed, one machine per game – You can only have one game per machine

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