Business Benefits

Arcade Machines can enhance the appeal of any business setting. Classic arcade games for will transport you and your target audience back to those special times spent playing their favorite arcade games at the local arcade as well as the new and flashy arcades!

We divide businesses into two classifications:
Those who are interested in making a profit with an arcade machine and those who are not.

Arcade machines will attract a major following from young to old. Continue reading to learn how clients turned their arcade machine into a money making machine.

The Arcade Multicade Classic Cocktail Table Arcade Machine orUpright Multicade Arcade Machine are great for businesses with clients that frequently experience a waiting time. Crowded places like bars and food establishments, having a multicade arcade machine is a very wise choice. Customers will not lose their patience while waiting to be serviced because playing arcade games is very enjoyable. People always seek out entertainment, and playing any arcade game never gets old. If your customers tend to come in groups, they may begin to hold casual arcade gaming competitions in your establishment, adding to the enjoyment of all around. Most arcade machines are designed for either single or interactive player vs. player mode. Spectators will cheer and have a great view of the action. If you’re thinking of generating additional income for your business, an arcade machine is a quality investment that never expires.

Word of Mouth
As any business owner knows, word of mouth advertisement is king. Once word gets out that your establishment offers an authentic arcade machine, your business will thrive and grow.

Game Variety
Hunter’s Arcade House and Sales mostly always has all of the most popular licensed game packages, for both vertical and horizontal games, which are sure to keep all your patrons happy. The Arcade Classics arcade tables and uprights are authentic. This means that your place of business could very well be the only place in town where your customers can play their favorite arcade; just the way they remember them.
The continual “ding” of coins will be an indication not only of your customers love for the arcade game, but also of our arcade machines cabinet’s appearance. You will find in a very short time that the arcade machine will be one of the hot spots in your establishment for years to come, with more and more people clamoring to play on it.

Coin-op Mechanism
Arcade game machines come with a commercial grade – sophisticated electronic coin mechanism that can handle the demands of any commercial location. It can be set for any coin denomination per play on most games. Ccommercial quality arcade machine is designed for long lasting value, which guarantees a “return on investment”.

Furniture Grade Arcade Machine Cabinet
Cabinet adds a great ambience to any setting. Most arcade game machines come decorated with impressive arcade artwork.

Arcade machine investment is low, the profit margin is high.


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